Wedding gifts are about experiences.

Wanderable makes gifts memorable.

Welcome to Wanderable!

We help engaged couples fund their honeymoons by offering beautiful free honeymoon registries. Couples simply post items centered around their upcoming honeymoon, from hotel stays to couples massages to snorkeling expeditions, into their Wanderable registry and their friends and family gift the amount that they cost. No more meaningless pillowcases or pots and pans, just experiences and adventures to last a lifetime.

Our mission is simple: make gift giving memorable. Guests can even choose to include a handmade gift box that lists the experience they are gifting with a personal note. Thank you for visiting and we would be delighted to have you wander with us!

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The Team

The current team behind Wanderable are a group of folks that started their first online gift registry on a stoop in Brooklyn in 2004. Since then, the team has grown significantly - as has the passion for helping engaged couples register and receive the best experiences and items. The management team now operates several gift registry services and in 2016 was fortunate to work with the original founders of Wanderable to facilitate a purchase of the company. Thank you to Marcela and Jenny, the original co-founders, for building a great company and community. Everyone is excited to see the new heights Wanderable can achieve.

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